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Washing and care instructions for my Minimocas ?

To increase the life and durability of the shoes, it is important to treat them from time to time and air them often.

Always start by impregnating them before use and then continue at regular intervals to treat them with both wax and grease so that the leather does not dry out and crack. The wax settles on the surface and protects against moisture while the fat penetrates and keeps the skin soft and pliable. Do not forget to clean the shoes before treating them.

To remove dirt and dust, lukewarm water and a suede brush are usually sufficient. Occasional stains that are difficult to remove can be scrubbed gently with a suede cleaning stone. If needed, you can try a very mild detergent that is specially developed for suede.

Sizeguide for our shoes?

We recommend that you buy the size you usually use, but that for safety’s sake you still measure the baby’s foot and compare with our size chart, before you order.

You do this by letting the child stand with an outstretched foot on a piece of paper, then make a mark at the heel and another at the big toe. Then measure the distance between the two markings with a measuring tape.

Sometimes the feet can differ slightly in size, so preferably measure both and start from the one that was longest. Since children’s feet grow all the time, you also need to add 1.5-2 centimeters.

Is it time to change shoes? With us, you have the opportunity to return your old Minimoca. Would you like to know more?

Where are we making our shoes?

We have our own studio in Turkey

How can I pay for my Minimocas?

We have chosen to work with Klarna so that you can decide for yourself how you want to pay. You can thereby choose between paying directly, a little later or splitting your payment.

How can I make a complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with your shoes, you are welcome to contact us at info@minimocasweden.com Contact us as soon as possible!

For faster handling and assessment of your case, you can attach some pictures of the product and attach directly in the email. In the event of an approved complaint, we are responsible for the return fee, which is then not deducted in connection with the refund.

If the package has visible damage, which may have affected the product, we recommend that you make a complaint directly to the postal agent. Then ask them to send the package back to Minimoca Sweden AB and write the reason for the return on the package. Then contact us at info@minimocasweden.com and tell us what has happened.

Delivery times?

Products in our warehouse are normally delivered within 3-5 working days. Ordered goods have a delivery time of about 2-3 weeks.

Please note that the estimated delivery time is an estimate and that the time may vary depending on external factors that Minimoca cannot control. During high season and promotions, delivery times may be affected.