Sustainability is an important issue that permeates our entire business and that we take into account in all our decisions – from supplier to material and delivery, with the goal of meeting the needs that exist today but without putting the future at stake for our children. That’s why we also run the project Replace your old shoes. Because we know that small feet grow fast, sometimes almost too fast. This may mean that the shoes barely have time to be used before they are too small and it is time for new ones. With that knowledge, we offer the opportunity to hand in the grown-up shoes at a discount of half the price for a new pair.

The shoes we receive are refurbished and refreshed before we personally leave them on to different orphanages, twice a year. For all children deserve proper shoes, in the right size, which protect and keep the feet warm.

Do you have a pair of shoes you want to send to us?
Send the shoes to our warehouse at Kungstensgatan 55, 113 59 STOCKHOLM, together with your contact information. When we receive them, we will get back to you with the discount code.