Time, power and love are behind every shoe

Our History

The idea for Minimoca Sweden was born when we stepped into parenthood and lacked a better selection of comfortable and durable shoes and slippers for their small babies. Not long after, Minimoca took shape and since 2015, all shoes are made by hand in Minimoca’s own studio in Turkey.

There, it is never thumbed for good design or quality because Minimoca constantly has the child in focus. In the long run, the dream is to give more children all over the world the opportunity to wear Minimoca’s shoes. And that journey has just begun.

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Our shoes

Since Minimoca was born out of the need for comfortable, natural and durable shoes for our own children, the demands have been high from the beginning.

For us, it is important to have high-quality shoes, which are manufactured with care from the first sketch to the last detail. We therefore do not use mechanical manufacturing but make each shoe by hand.

The shoes consist of precise craftsmanship and careful choice of materials. We mainly use sheepskin and wool, which warms when it is cold and cools when it is hot. The details of the shoes are made of either leather or cotton.

In other words, our shoes are the result of genuine and solid work where nothing has been left to chance. Behind every shoe is time, power and love. And we hope you will love our shoes, as much as we have loved creating them.